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Matriculation Programme

Courses are divided into two terms and you can enter courses either in February or September, and completion of both terms is compulsory in order to graduate.

Each term runs for 14 weeks. The first week is induction week and the last week is set aside for evaluating the portfolios.

All classes are taught in English by specialists and run from Monday to Friday.

All subjects are compulsory and each subject has a minimum of four sessions per week.

A session is 45 minutes long followed by appropriate breaks.

A “fast track” is available to students who comply with requirements as set out in our policy document.

The course curriculum is as follows:

Term 1

Term 2

Course Description and Objectives

Mathematics with Business Application

This course provides students with the tools to solve certain mathematical problems, to increase confidence and understanding of the basic elements of algebra, to practise formal logical thinking, and to be introduced to become familiar with various fundamental mathematical topics used for common problems in business and decision-making.

Foundation English with Business Application

This course is designed for non-English speaking students to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills with a focus on idiomatic expressions and vocabulary in the context of the business environment. Students also have the opportunity to learn about British customs and business practices. The learning of English will be supported with specific classical music pieces, which are proven to help learning a foreign language.

Principles of Finance

This course enables students to understand the basic principles and objectives underlying the accounting process with a focus on key concepts involved in preparing financial statements.

Individual Professional Development

This course combines individual and professional development techniques – such as energy exercises, mind mapping, sensory stimulation, visualisation, business writing, and professional presentation, dealing with conflict, criticism and issues of stress – to enhance the learning process and to develop self-confidence.

Introduction to Economics

This course provides students with an understanding of the fundamental concepts of economic theory and with the ability to apply these concepts to the business world in a practical sense. Furthermore, to provide students with the knowledge of different techniques of economic analysis, such as graphical and numerical techniques.

Principles of Marketing

This course studies the integration and co-ordination of product development, promotion strategy, physical distribution, and pricing strategies, which are directly affected by the flow of social, ethical, legal, economic and international environment.

Fundamentals of Management

This course provides students with an understanding of the main motivational, management and leadership concepts, including foundation of individual and group behaviour and human resource management concepts.

International Cultural Awareness

This course allows students to participate as team members of a culturally diverse group. Through interactive exercises, students challenge their own assumptions about each other’s cultural values, and students learn how to overcome prejudice and discrimination.