Our Mission
Our Mission

Our Mission

We are dedicated to giving you quality education through creating a climate of trust and support in which the natural desires to learn can be nourished and enhanced. We are committed to help students build confidence and self-esteem. We value and celebrate individual differences and encourage a participatory mode of education where all involved, students, teachers and administrators each have a part to play and contribution to make.

The Managing Director and Staff

Dr. Lieselotte Badenhorst is Founder and Managing Director of CIBS London.

Lieselotte Badenhorst holds a PhD in Industrial Psychology and has worked as a training and management consultant to blue chip companies in England, South Africa and the Middle East. She has also been involved with educational institutions as department head and senior lecturer in business studies for several years.

Her experience with international students has contributed to her understanding of the obstacles many students need to overcome when exposed to a new language and a new learning environment. This has inspired her to create a unique learning centre, the Centre for Innovative Business Studies.

In conjunction with a dedicated and highly qualified staff, Dr Badenhorst has created an environment where self-directed and accelerated learning techniques are used to break the barriers between a foreign education and entry to a UK university or college.

Her dedication to her students is evident in the following testimonials from former students who attended her lectures.

To contact Dr. Badenhorst for a personal chat, call ++44 (0)787 557 4776